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Class 14 Notes

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Preliminary Business

  • Midterm exam: Friday, April 29th (50-minutes, in class)
    • Exam on readings in the course to date. The exam is more or less "factual." It is designed to see if students recognize and comprehend key ideas, specifics, and other material in the readings. It will also include some questions specific to material or comments the professor presented in lecture (i.e., "you had to be there"). The exam is designed to reward students who regularly keep up with readings and attend lectures and sections.
    • Four sections of exam:
      • Short-answer -- key concepts, characters, names, key phrases, etc.
      • Multiple-choice
      • Identification -- key or representative passages
      • Bonus (extra credit) section based on lectures
    • Lecture Supplementary Materials (parts can be used as a study guide--e.g., page numbers of Pynchon passages discussed by the professor)
  • Upcoming assignments -- See Schedule



Lecture 14













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